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DTDC Offices

Today, with the huge development in the courier services, there are numbers of companies and other domestic service firms which are helping with mails and courier services in different places. DHL, Blazejet, Gati, First Flight and DTDC plus are some of the largest courier services which are leading the way. This DTDC plus courier service, today, is in all over the country. Branches of it like DTDC Delhi, DTDC Gurgaon, DTDC Kolkata and DTDC Mumbai are some of the major ones in the entire country.
These DTDC plus courier service are some of the greatest mailing services which not only in the country but in foreign countries too are successfully performing their role in their business activity. In country branches like DTDC Delhi, DTDC Gurgaon, DTDC Kolkata and DTDC Mumbai, the major business activities of mailing are conducted. Not only with these sectors and cities but in rural and remote areas too, DTDC plus courier service is providing its features with all their functions. With the help of various modes of delivering mails and posts it makes easier for the company's on-time delivery system feature. Various modes of postings and delivery includes the airways, roadways and the local domestic consignment way. These all modes are the best means of delivering couriers in the major sectors like DTDC Delhi, DTDC Gurgaon, DTDC Kolkata, DTDC Mumbai and in domestic sectors too. The business activities of these sectors are conducted by franchisees which are meant as the board of directors of it too. it is an independent firm which is applied by the main centre of organization which can look and manage the entire widespread activities in different regions. Branches of sectors like DTDC Delhi, DTDC Gurgaon, DTDC Kolkata, DTDC Mumbai etc. are regulated by it and also managed for their annual final accounts too.
It is not like these major branches namely DTDC Delhi, DTDC Gurgaon, DTDC Kolkata and DTDC Mumbai are the main head offices in those regions. Every separate branch contains sub-branches in them and regulates their each DTDC plus courier services and other business activities complying according to the main one. All these sub-branches are connected to their leading one and those are connected with the main head office of the organization.

DTDC Courier Customer Care Number

DTDC House, No. 3, Victoria Road, Bangalore 560047, Karnataka
Ph : 080-25365032,25365039, Fax : 080-25514461.
Contact NoClick Here

DTDC customer care service is a vital part of the company which contributes a lot in its success and business activities. With the help of this DTDC customer care service, the company not only extends its goodwill but also promotes it in an international level by spreading its activities to abroad countries. This service of DTDC customer care is provided with a DTDC customer care number which helps their customers with any queries of them. As the DTDC courier customer care number is toll free and is active 24/7; hence, any time solution service is provided with the help of it.
In today's world, with any business, the work of selling party does not ends up with selling only. These days major importance is given to the after sales service rather than just from sales. This DTDC customer care service comes in one of those after sales service. With the help of given DTDC courier customer care number, any person can directly make contact with sales representative of the company and enquire about its mailing services. Not only about the services provided by the company but rates, timings and tracking of their mails can also be done by contacting to the DTDC customer care number. Easy and world class solutions are given by the representatives of company on this DTDC courier customer care number. People having problem or inconveniencies in visiting offices with their problems can easily ascertain their solutions by contacting DTDC customer care number. DTDC courier customer care number is issued to every customer on their subscription of their DTDC service. With the help of DTDC customer care number, less burden upon the representatives are faced. As with DTDC courier customer care number, solution and complaints are handled on a simple phone call; therefore, it reduces the cost of expenses incurred by both the parties and also saves the time as well.
Today, with the help of such various DTDC customer care number, most of the problems with customers are sorted out on a simple phone call. Hence, people need not to go for centers and other offices to sort out their problems. As all these DTDC customer care services are handled by one franchisee, thus, direct contact and quick action is taken separately on each calls and requests.

DTDC Location Finder Through Pin Code

This is a very useful feature which helps in DTDC location finder and hence DTDC courier location finder can locate any of the DTDC offices in India. All you need to do is just follow a simple and easy process of providing your destination pin code below in the provided space and you can get the address of the DTDC office which is nearest to you.

Pin Code Finder

DTDC Excess Baggage Service

The maximum limit for baggage to be carries by any airline passenger is 64 kg (2 pieces-each piece should not weigh more than 32 kg) for passenger onto the Atlantic Ocean countries and 23 kg for those onward to Fareast, Europe, Far East and Asia. Any weight in excess of this is called excess baggage.
Excess baggage tariffs are very high and DTDC Excess Baggage Services carry these excess baggages and deliver it to the door  of the consignee. Detention charges, customs duties and clearing formalities are undertaken by DTDC Excess Baggage Services.
Baggages should not contain banned items like wheelchairs, tv cameras, spares, diplomatic baggage, and spares. Personal items like guns, fireworks, lighters, flare guns, gunlighters, fireworks and gunpowder are not allowed. Items which are flammable like fuels, cooking fuel, flammable liquid fuel, aerosols, gas torches ,and turpentine are not allowed Aerosols in the nature of personal and toiletry items are allowed. Dangerous items like chlorine for spas and pools, disabling chemicals like liquid bleach, spray paint , tear gas, spill batteries, and  gas cylinders are not allowed as excess baggage. DTDC Excess Baggage Services do not accept banned items of any kind and such items will only be refused.

DTDC Blue Courier Service

DTDC Blue Courier Service is assured second day delivery. If the consignment is not delivered on the second day the 100% money is refunded. The consignments are wrapped in security tamper proof pouches. The delivery on day 1 is delivered on day 3 provided day 3 is not a holiday at rge destination city. There are interzone and intra zone services. Intra zone includes zonal services and inter zone includes metro and national blue services. Documents upto 10 kg and Rs 25000 value can come within the ambit of DTDC Blue Courier Service SMSes and email alerts are sent for confirmation of delivery.SMS ‘ origin pincode” and space and ”destination pincode “ to mobile no 9845324040

DTDC Blue Courier Charges

Blue ServicesZonal BlueMetro BlueNational Blue
First 500 GmsRs.100Rs.125Rs.150
Addl. 500 GmsRs.45Rs.75Rs.100

DTDC Plus Courier

DTDC Plus Courier  is assured next day delivery service to all major cities and metros If consignment is not delivered within guaranteed delivery time the money is refunded back 100% There are alerts on the SMS/Email for DTDC Plus tracking , and consignments are placed in a security pouch which is tamper proof The next day service means the consignments taken on day 1 are delivered on day 2 unless it is a bank holiday/ local holiday at the destination centre There are inter zone and intra zone Intra zone includes city plus and zonal plus and Inter zone has metro plus and national plus. Documents upto 10 kg and Rs 25000 value can come within the ambit of DTDC plus courier.
There is a special desk for DTDC Plus Courier at every regional office of DTDC Sms and Email alerts are sent for confirmation of delivery to the sender For DTDC Plus tracking, The SMS format is “origin pincode” and pace and then “destination pincode” and to be sent on mobile number 9845324040 DTDC Plus Courier Services include City Plus ,Zonal Plus, Metro Plus, and National Plus services.

DTDC’s E Shopping

All the E commerce solutions are available through DTDC. All of the E commerce business’s problems are solved by the DTDC. The effort behind this is that of an Expert team of the company which develops clear cut solutions and provides consistent integration along with the applications of the customer in order to make it easy for the customer come up with the shipping solutions for their business which is E commerce.
The rising needs of the e commerce is well defined and met by the core competencies of DTDC in regards to the providing of online information regarding the shipment in detail, swift shipping and the shipping processes which are automated. The most important part of the business, which is the delivery solutions are provided by the DTDC by integration of the DTDC technology and also the DTDC services. E shopping through Dtdc is very convenient.
Generation Of Way Bill Online
The E commerce solution of DTDC’s helps you with the bar code which is system generated waybill for your site initiating a smooth process. Hence the process of E shopping through Dtdc is simplified.

Few Of The Important Features Of The DTDC E Commerce Solutions
  • Re using and storing of address in the address book online.
  • Packages of track.
  • Courier pick up is scheduled.
  • Rate quotes which are customized can be got.
  • Customized reports of shipment are created.
  • Shipping of many pieces: In same Air waybill many packages can be sent.
  • Shipping in group: The same shipment is sent to one group of many people and re entering of the information which is same is not required for each of the Waybill.
  • Reports are customized.
  • The address validation tool of the Indian address – sees to it that the shipping address which is entered by the customer as the destination address is correct when the order is being placed.